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WoW Herbalism - Nature at Hand

Herbalism is one of the more popular gathering professions in the World of Warcraft. If you just started leveling your char, levelling Herbalism along the way will not give you any problems. Same goes for level 80's simply because this profession is very easy to level and it can be done within a couple of hours. What are the characteristics of Herbalism? Herbalism involves gathering different kinds of herbs all around the map. What can you actually do with this profession and the herbs you have gathered? When it comes to herbs alone, you can sell them in stacks on the AH for a nice amount of gold. However, when you combine Herbalism with another profession such as Alchemy or even Inscription you will have some productive results. An Alchemist uses herbs in order to create various flasks, potions and elixirs. All these are used by many different classes in the purpose of enhancing the overall performance, especially while in an instance or raid. The WOTLK expansion brought us a brand new profession - Inscriptions. An Inscriptor is able to make different kinds of glyphs that are also used to enhance some important characteristics and abilities of any class. Herbalism is a good match for Inscription since one will require stacks of herbs to create different types of inks used for inscriptions. How can I track herbs? Very simple. Herbs are scattered all over the map. However, not all areas are rich in herbs and there are some that are considered to be a herb paradise. Tracking ability "Find Herbs", when turned on, will help you see herbs displayed on a minimap, displayed as yellow dots. It is advisable to have an addon like The Gatherer installed so you can keep a record of all herbs you found. The Gatherer keeps record of the herb locations discovered by you or any party or guild member who has this addon installed. Benefits of Herbalism Herbalism will grant you new ability - Lifeblood. Lifeblood costs no mana, it is an instant cast and it is able to heal you overtime. However, this ability has a three minute cooldown. While leveling, this ability can come in handy especially for classes without any healing abilities. Another major benefit of Herbalism is saving gold which you will spend in any case on needed potions, flasks or elixirs. These come as a necessity in any raid or instance and as an Herbalist you can make them for yourself or sell them to other players. When it comes to herb farming, it is quite easy, even though players, who are in possession of a faster flying mount, have always an advantage in speed. Choosing Herbalism according to your class Is there any particular class which is perfectly suited for herbalism? No, there isn't. Choosing Herbalism as a profession is solely your choice, however, keep in mind that some classes need it more than other classes. In example, tanks and healers are frequently seen to gather herbs since these two specializations highly depend on flasks, elixirs and pots. The only class that might be faster in gathering herbs compared to others is the Druid class since they have an instant flying form. Shapeshifting instantly into your flight form and picking up herbs while still in this form can make gathering herbs quite easy. Other useful items Any beginner Herbalist will think that his bags are good enough for herb gathering. Think twice! Your bags will soon be filled with herbs leaving you no free slots whatsoever. However, this problem is easily solved with the help of Tailors who can make special Herbal bags. These special bags offer more space in the form of extra bag slots.