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Natural Colon Cleanse- Some Herbal Natural Colon Cleanse Options

Most people are careful to ensure they keep good personal hygiene; that they brush their teeth, hair and look well groomed. On the outside, it seems that we care about how we look, and how we look to others. However, have you ever considered that the insides of your body clean may need a spring clean now and again too? Well lets see how we can introduce a natural colon cleanse method or two to boost our health and clean out those hard to reach areas. The colon is one of the least understood organs in the body, but one of the most crucial to health. It has been said that "Death starts in the colon" and it is not unusual for autopsies to find people have huge amounts of compacted fecal matter sitting in their colon, which can cause parasitic infection, reduce nutrient absorption, cause constipation and also fatigue. The colon stretches to about 6ft long, and is around 3 inches wide. It is responsible for transporting the watery material from the small intestines, absorbing the excess water, nutrients along the way and storing the waste. When it is time to defecate, then the colon moves the feces along the bowels using muscle contractions to eliminate the waste material. The colon normally functions perfectly without the need for external help. A good healthy diet that includes sufficient levels of water, fiber, fruit and vegetables is usually enough to keep it clean and healthy throughout life. However, the "westernized" diet is not particularly colon friendly, and who has not been tempted with high fat, processed foods, that can be hard to digest and can sit in the colon - and over the years get compacted? This fecal residue then impacts on the colon's ability to carry out its functions correctly, reducing nutrition absorption, encouraging bacterial growth, and often causing impaction, which leads to constipation. Today, there are a number of treatments that can be used to cleanse your colon. However, not all can be carried out at home, and some require a trained individual to administer them. Continue reading to discover other methods to naturally clean the colon and sign up for our free newsletter As well as changing the diet to increase the intake of fiber and other foods that improve the health of the colon, there are other options readily available that can be used at home, which include herbal preparations like some of the following: - Psyllium Husk - similar to bran and excellent for bulking out the stool - Garlic - this is anti fungal and anti bacterial and promotes healthy gut flora - Cayenne Pepper - speeds the digestion process - Ginger - soothes the digestive tract - Flax seed - is a natural laxative and cleanser - Slippery elm inner bark - reduces toxins and inflammation - Peppermint leaf - aids digestions and removes excess gas - Cascara Sagrada - strong cathartic and increases bile flow and colon contraction strength It is important that a person who wants to follow a colon-cleansing regime by using the herbs above or indeed any herbal approach to healing should discuss the approach with their doctor. There are a number of interactions that can occur between herbs and prescribed medications and these should be understood before progressing.