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Protective Styles For Transitioning to Natural Hair - Transitioning Styles For Black Hair

I am five months post relaxer and have opted to transition from my chemically processed hair back to my natural hair (which by the way I haven't seen in maybe 25 years). Transitioning means that I am not going to cut my long relaxed strands, but I will let the relaxer grow out on its own. That's easier said than done though. As my roots get thicker, it's becoming more difficult to deal with the different textures and it's becoming increasingly time consuming on shampoo days to detangle the hair. Are you also experiencing the difficulties of transitioning? Are you looking for protective styles and transitioning styles to help you through this process? Here are some styles that you can incorporate into your regimen that provide protection against breakage, damage, and over manipulation on a daily basis.

Roller-sets (often referred to as wet sets)

This is one of the most popular styles for transitioning hair. Using magnetic rollers, (rods and bendable rollers can also be used) after washing and deep conditioning your mane, apply a leave in and ensure that your hair is wet and sit under the dryer to complete the set. While this style doesn't necessarily hide your ends it's still a great protective style as it requires minimal to no manipulation throughout the week and it usually keeps your locks from rubbing against clothing. It's a great style for transitioning, because it blends your roots (the natural part of your hair with your relaxed tresses). This style also keeps your hair healthy as a result of not using direct heat.


This is another popular style that depending on the length of your hair may require extensions. In fact, adding extensions will hide your tresses for however long you choose to wear them. Therefore, adding an extra layer of protection while transitioning to natural. It's imperative that your stylist does not sew the weave in too tight. This can cause stress and damage to the edges (around the temple area) of your hair and may eventually lead to breakage.

Buns and Up-dos

These styles can be as chic, professional, relaxed as you want them to be. They also completely hide your locks during the transition process. They're perfect for the days when your tresses just don't want to cooperate with you. If you get bored with these styles consider adding accessories to liven things up a bit.

Hair Tips

Always keep your hair moisturized

Be gentle when handling your transitioning strands