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Herbal Remedies 101

Herbal natural remedies exist for all common illnesses and diseases. They have been used effectively since the medieval age and some of them have a higher success rate compared to standard medicines. Tinctures, poultices and herbal tea are the common variants of herbal remedies. Some companies also manufacture herbal extracts of neem, sage, bitter gourd etc in the form of pills which can be taken daily without any side effects. In fact, most products sold as herbal remedies can be easily prepared at home using everyday kitchen ingredients. Most herbal cures have originated from countries like India, China, Malaysia and Sri Lanka because of the innumerable variety of herbs that grow there. Did you know that Indians worship the Tulsi (basil) plant? It is known for its healing properties and is commonly used in tea. Holy basil leaves are effective against cold, stomach disorders, malaria and acne. In general, many people use herbs for seasoning. Here are some benefits of the herbs that are used across the world for cooking: Caraway seeds can be taken with warm water to heal stomach ache. Honey mixed with ginger juice or ground black pepper should be taken 3 times a day for treatment of common cold. Tea made with extracts of ginger, black pepper, holy basil and cloves is also helpful. Aloe vera helps heal minor burns. Keep a potted plant in your home and just snip off a leaf, extract the gel and apply on burns. It can also be used as a face mask for large pores and is useful against sun burns too. Taking pain killers with a cup of coffee can provide greater pain relief. Use lots of garlic in your cooking, it helps heal stomach ulcers by killing ulcer causing bacteria. Psyllium husk is effective as a laxative Turmeric powder taken with milk heals internal injuries. Ginger helps relieve menstrual pain. Bitter gourd extract helps regulate insulin levels and is recommended for diabetics. You can find many similar remedies on hundreds on online websites. The benefit of using herbs is that you don't have to worry about any dangerous side effects. The variety and availability of herbs vary depending on the weather and country, but you can get herbal supplements and extracts at any store. Most of them are available over the counter. While there is no regulation you need to exercise while taking herbs, it must be kept in mind that excess of anything can be bad for your body. Using a lot of ginger or garlic can produce rashes since these are considered 'hot' foods. It is also important to mention that you must consult your doctor in cases life threatening diseases such as malaria or even cancer. Herbal natural remedies can help prevent a lot of diseases, even cancer but there is no proven cure once the disease has set in. Do not approach quacks or shamans or take an over the counter drug just because your friend recommends it.