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Herbal Natural Energy Boosters

Mother Nature has always offered miraculous plants and herbs to assist us in the treatment of a variety of illnesses, and very often, it is in the natural world that we find the source of revitalization so much needed. Among the many species of the vegetal world that increase the body stamina, the resistance to stress and to strenuous effort, there are a few that cannot pass unnoticed due to their long use as energy boosters. Ginseng root or seaweed such as spirulin or chlorella. Ginseng is now used all over the world in a variety of supplements meant to revitalize the body. Considered to be the root of life by the Chinese, ginseng is also a highly appreciated element in the Chinese cuisine; for instance, cucumber salad with ginseng is really tasty and revitalizing. Mention should be made that ginseng is not limited to the Asia, as it grows in various other parts of the world too: Siberia or America, to name only two. As it grows in cool climates, the Chinese consider ginseng as a promoter of the Yang (masculine) energy. Mainly, ginseng improves blood flow, brings high quality minerals and thus increases the recovery rate and reduces weakness after illness, by also stimulating the body system as a whole. The main form of the plant, also known as white ginseng grows between four to six years before it reaches the dimensions and properties necessary for therapy. The form known as red ginseng is used only after six years by a steaming and drying process that preserves the active principles. Seaweed is another great energy booster worth taking into consideration particularly when one needs a rapid solution for an exhausted body. There are dozens of seaweed species, but the ones with the highest therapeutic effects are spirulin and chlorella. They are both an important source of minerals, vitamins and amino acids that are easily processed by the body, without requiring any effort on the part of an already weakened system. Seaweed may also be included in a regular diet as they make an excellent salad.