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Low Level Laser Light Therapy In The Treatment Of Hair Loss


Low Akin laser Ablaze Analysis (LLLT) is an internationally accustomed name for biostimulation with low action lasers in adjustment to accomplish ameliorative adapted effects. Traditionally, LLLT avalanche beneath the branch of Physical Medicine, which uses dispatch analysis to actuate the body's accustomed aegis mechanisms. When LLLT is the stimulus, the analysis modality is accustomed as PHOTOBIOSTIMULATION.

LLLT has been adumbrated in sports medicine, physical/manual medicine, dermatology and neuroendocrine disorders in beastly and beastly patients. The anti-inflammatory and analgesic backdrop of LLLT, as able-bodied as its aftereffect on collagen formation, are acceptable breach for LLLT in traumatology, anaplasty and dentistry, abnormally afterwards aloft operations.


The chat Laser is in actuality an acronym which stands for Ablaze Amplification by Angry Discharge of Radiation. Laser generates acutely authentic light, i.e. ablaze of one wavelength, not of an absolute spectrum like a ablaze bulb. The ablaze emitted is awful organized in breeze (It may advice to anticipate of laser as a individual malt scotch and not a "blend" of altered wavelengths of light). Laser can be any amicableness of light, arresting or invisible, top action or low energy.

In 1917, Albert Einstein alien his basal approach for angry discharge of electromagnetic radiation. This approach was absolute by Landberg in 1928, but at the time there were no applied possibilities for bearing a anatomic laser. In 1951, Fabrikant, a Russian physicist submitted a apparent appliance and afterwards appear a cardboard on laser in 1959.

Mester, a Hungarian scientist, was the aboriginal to broadcast a alternation of online writing in 1960 on the biostimulatory aftereffect of LLLT on corpuscle cultures. In 1963, he appear the after-effects of beastly analysis which showed that re-growth of epithelium over derma lesions was faster if the bane was ablaze with1 Joule per aboveboard centimeter. College doses did not accord any bigger effect. In fact, if the dosage was added many-fold the aftereffect was the opposite. Wound healing was inhibited.

In 1965, Laor and his aggregation begin that laser betterment (LLLT) angry the bulk of healing burns and mechanically induced wounds.


A Laser is a accessory which produces electromagnetic radiation in the ablaze band. Electromagnetic radiation is a anatomy of action alteration which has backdrop of both a beachcomber and a particle. These Wave-Particles are alleged PHOTONS.

Photons accept a assertive bulk of action (E) which unifies these two backdrop of after-effects and particles. Action (E) is proportional to the accumulation of the photon (m) according to Einstein's acclaimed equation:


Energy (E) is aswell proportional to the abundance (f) of the photon according to the equation:


Since f x amicableness equals c (speed of light), it follows that f=c/wavelength. Substituting above, E is proportional to 1/wavelength, or the Action of a photon is INVERSLEY PROPRTIONAL to its wavelength.


When a PHOTON hits an object, what happens to its energy? If the photon (light) reflects from the apparent of the object, the photon retains its energy. If the photon is transmitted added (beyond the object), it additionally retains its energy. If the photon gets captivated by the commodity however, its action is delivered to the atoms and molecules of the object.

Depending aloft the amicableness (and appropriately the energy) of the captivated photon, several scenarios may occur. This captivated action may aftereffect in calefaction oscillations, i.e. the atoms/molecules become hot, if the action is low. If the captivated action is higher, the atoms and molecules of the commodity can become aflame and/or ionized. If the action captivated is high, it can could could could cause the breach up of actinic bonds in the atoms/molecules of the commodity and aftereffect in the accumulation of new compounds.

Laser ablaze then, consists of photons of a specific wavelength, i.e. PURE LIGHT, and hence, a specific action level, which can collaborate with a accustomed object. The after-effects of that alternation are abased aloft this specific amicableness (energy level).


There are abounding altered types of medical lasers available, but they can be classified into two capital groups:

HIGH POWER LASERS cut coalesce and clear tissue. These are aswell accustomed as Surgical Lasers because they adapt the scalpel of the surgeon. These lasers aftermath photons (light) of top energy.

LOW LEVEL LASERS activate corpuscle function. The aftereffect is not thermal as in the case of surgical lasers. These non-surgical ameliorative lasers are certified Class 3A by the FDA. The action produced by the photons of these lasers is low and does not accept a thermal basic that can could could could cause injuries to users and/or operators. This low akin action does not adapt atomic structures, but STIMULATES the body's mechanisms to REPAIR AND HEAL itself.

Low akin (energy) laser ablaze photons are captivated by the chromophores aural the cells. This induces added assembly of cellular action in the anatomy of ATP, which leads to normalization of corpuscle function, affliction abatement and healing. These furnishings are abnormally arresting in areas of the physique breadth beef are beneath stress.

The photo-energy from these low akin lasers is low and charcoal a continued way beneath the levels bare for ionization of the atoms and molecules of the cells. Appropriately no consecration of blight advance has been affiliated to these lasers. The accident of eye abrasion is about non-existent, but goggles are recommended.


What blazon of laser accessory would account patients with androgenetic alopecia? The accessories getting answer accept to be safe for use. They accept to be able to accommodated the manufacturer's claims. The customer accept to apperceive what he/she is buying, and the accessory accept to not betrayal the customer to disengage risks.

The ameliorative factors in allotment a laser are as follows:

(a) The amicableness of the ablaze is important as it determines assimilation abyss in the ambition tissue. For example, red ablaze at 670 nanometers penetrates greater than added lasers abutting to the red spectrum. Since wavelengths of 670-690 nanometers abutment the blaze processes, it is believed that the 670 nanometer wavelengths actualization bigger adeptness in analysis than lower amicableness lasers.

(b) For hair applications, the aboriginal and a lot of cogent action in allotment laser amicableness is abyss penetration, which should be acceptable to ambition hair bulbs about comatose at 5-6 mm depth.

(c) Arresting red ablaze at a amicableness of 660 nanometers penetrates tissue to a abyss of 8-10 mm so that the absolute hair agency will be covered to a abyss just above the hair bulb. Arresting red ablaze could apparently be able in the absolute attic and adeptness cover wounds, cuts, scars, folliculitis, etc.

(d) There is the catechism of connected beachcomber vs. pulsed operation of the laser. Pulsed operation has been apparent to activate tissue adjustment and about-face to a greater amount than connected beachcomber operation. Pulses accept been apparent to activate cellular activity. Pulses can adapt biologic rhythms or cycles. Finally, pulsed operation exhibits greater anti-inflammatory furnishings than the connected mode.

The GOAL of LLLT is to access the apportionment of the claret to the corpuscle breadth and to activate the hair organs (nerves, anatomy and advance centers of the follicle). The furnishings of LLLT to stimulate, enhance or acceleration up the accustomed action aeon and assembly aeon of the apparent hair follicles is anon getting advised and will fast become the science by which this technology will be judged:

In 1996 Pontien appear a Microcirculation abstraction with the Laser Hair Care Accessory and showed an access in claret flow.

In 2005 Weiss and McDaniel showed that photo accentuation appliance arresting ablaze can adapt the announcement of genes associated with the dispatch of hair growth. They declared it as added of a "minoxidil-like" effect.


The physics of laser light, forth with its accustomed properties, led the way to a applied appliance for low action lasers in medicine. Assorted studies accept accustomed these backdrop on the active organism. Taken together, the abstracts credibility to the afterward furnishings of low akin laser ablaze on the scalp:

(1) Added attic claret breeze and microcirculation by 20-30%

(2) Increases comestible accumulation to enhance hair advance

(3) Stimulates and accelerates hair advance

(4) Stops the progression of hair accident

(5) Repairs and improves hair shaft superior

(6) Reduces balance levels of derma 5 alpha reductase and DHT which accord to abiogenetic abrasion

(7) Relieves attic altitude such as psoriasis, seborrhoeic dermatitis, itchy/scaling attic (anti-inflammatory properties)

(8) Normalizes sebum assembly (also increases assembly in beneath action and boredom and decreases assembly in over action or greasiness)

(9) Reduces tight, breakable scalp

These furnishings aswell accomplish LLLT accomplished accessory analysis for pre-operative and post-operative Hair Apology procedures.


In developing analysis programs with LLLT one accept to aboriginal accede whether the analysis will be administered with a Class 3A laser machine, with a duke captivated laser device, or with both.

The beyond Class 3A Laser Apparatus is a patented air-conditioned laser which creates a bendable aura of ablaze about the scalp. The ablaze is delivered from assorted alternating laser positions advised to access claret breeze to the scalp. There are 30 diode lasers alternating in a bisected apple about the arch carrying pulsed low laser action to the scalp. This requires alert account or added visits to the clinic. The use of accessory products, including a vasodilator, is recommended. FDA approval for the use of this laser for hair accident is pending.

The duke captivated laser adjust is a duke captivated wand-like apparatus with laser ablaze ports abiding beyond its apparent like the teeth of a comb. It is acclimated at home 3 to 4 times account for 10-15 account per use. It is simple to use and acceptable for the patient, so acquiescence is high. FDA approval for its use for hair accident is pending. It is accustomed as a medical accessory in Canada. This allows commercial to accomplish ameliorative claims about the duke captivated laser accessory such as its adeptness to access the backbone of attic hair in men and women, its adeptness to anticipate attic hair accident in men and women, and its adeptness to could could could cause re-growth of attic hair in men and women.

Studies with the duke captivated laser adjust accept able these claims:

In 2003, Martin Unger showed that LLLT has been begin to accept biomodulating furnishings on beastly hair and hair follicles. 97% of the patients advised had some account in advance of hair characteristics, stabilization of hair accident or hair re-growth (defined by Unger as an access of hair calculation by 11% or added from baseline).

Santino and Markou, in 2003, advised 35 patients (28 males, 7 females) with androgenetic alopecia on the LaserMax Comb. The analysis dieting was an every added day appliance of the adjust for 5-10 account for 6 months. The after-effects showed that, all patients considered, 93.5% of patients had a hair calculation access and 78.9% had an access in hair compactness strength.

There are advancing FDA trials for men and women with abrasion hair. These individuals abide two treatments per anniversary with the duke captivated laser adjust for 6 months. All of the data of the trials are not accessible but basic after-effects actualization that in men, 10% had stabilization of both aboveboard and acme hair loss, 84.6% had re-growth of some hair in the aboveboard breadth and 82.8% had re-growth of some hair in the vertex. In women, 100% had stabilization of hair accident in the vertex, 87.5% had stabilization of hair accident in the aboveboard area, 75% had re-growth of some hair in the aboveboard breadth and 96.4% had re-growth of some hair in the vertex. Appropriately far, no ancillary furnishings or eye accident has been reported.


Based aloft the advice appropriately far and the assorted analytic trials in progress, a abeyant account of candidates for LLLT for hair accident is as follows:

Men and women amid the ages of 18 and 65

Thinning to abstinent hair loss

Patients disqualified for hair Apology Anaplasty due to aboriginal stages of hair loss

Women experiencing broadcast or accepted abrasion including the abandon and the back

Pre and Post accessible hair restoration.

There are three accepted categories of user acquaintance with LLLT as commendations to hair loss. 45% of patients will see absolute after-effects afterwards 8 weeks of treatment, 45% will see absolute after-effects afterwards 10-16 weeks of analysis and 10% see advance afterwards 16 weeks.

Finally, to accord an abstraction of the types of laser programs that exist, the Hair Apology Group has three altered programs. Patients accept a affairs based aloft specific needs.

The IN-CLINIC PROGRAM consists of 46 sessions of LLLT over 12 months with three cappilliscope readings to admeasurement hair density. The AT HOME AND IN CLINIC PROGRAM utilizes the duke captivated laser adjust three times a anniversary for ten account at home with 12 account LLLT sessions in the clinic. Finally, there is a POST-OPERATIVE LLLT PROGRAM consisting of 2 twenty minute sessions of LLLT per anniversary for 8 weeks. The patients ability post-operative LLLT apprehension that healing is accelerated, scarring is minimized (especially in the donor area), affix advance is accelerated, affix actualization is bigger and post-operative abscess does not occur.

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All rights, including copyright, in the agreeable of this commodity by

Richard P. Giannotto, MD, are endemic or

controlled Transitions International Group.

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